Dental Marketing

Dental Marketing in Ireland can be quite tricky and complex to start with. Knowing how to attract new patients and grow your clinic efficiently all boils down to having a solid marketing strategy in place to do so. Are you looking to get more appointments for your practice? We help dentists to grow their clinic by attracting the right type of patients and growing their income. We work with practices of all shapes and sizes to help them meet their growth goals.

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Working towards your goals

Whether you want to grow your clinic by attracting new patients, retaining old ones or looking to sell more treatments we can help. We’re experts in helping practices grow in these areas. We have an extensive team of healthcare marketing professionals who stem from dental marketing backgrounds

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New Patient Attraction

Attracting new patients is always a struggle for dentist and medical professionals alike. We help craft a tailored dental marketing strategy for your practice aimed at driving more patients to your clinic and increasing your sales. Let us help you build up a strong relationship with your audience and make your practice the go-to in your area

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Patient retention

Very often dentists struggle with holding onto patients. Patients will come and go as they please if they are not nurtured correctly. Not only do we help attract new patients but also help you retain new and currents ones ensuring you are getting repeat appointments.

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If you’re a dental practice in Ireland looking to improve their online marketing then we’d love to chat with you. We work with dental clinics across Ireland to help them improve their online marketing and grow their business. Whether you’re trying to attract new patients or promote more treatments we can help you reach your audience and drive more business through your front door. We’re Ireland’s number 1 dental marketing agency who take great pride in our work. We’d like to hear from you.

What is Dental Marketing?

Dental marketing is the process of helping dental clinics to drive more appointments to their clinics. We work with a number of different dental clinics in order to help them improve their online marketing and to successfully grow their bottom line. There are various forms of dental marketing available which will all depend on your clinic’s growth goals and marketing goals. We work with dental clinic to help them acquire new patients through their online marketing. We help them market their clinic to potentially new patients and develop thought leadership within their area. We also work with dental clinics to help them promote new treatments that they may have to offer. This could range from teeth whitening to dental implants. Finally we work with dental clinics to ensure that they don’t neglect their current patients. We conduct email marketing campaigns to ensure your clinic stays in touch with it’s patients and keep them coming back for regular checkups.

Will Dental Marketing Work for my Clinic?

Dental marketing works for all type of clinics, big and small. Depending on your marketing goals we’ll create a tailored marketing and content strategy to meet them. We work with a number of clients around Ireland and have extensive experience in running marketing and content campaign to help drive results and sales for business. If you have an ambition to grow then we we’d love to hear from you so feel free to get in touch.

How can Marketing help my Dental Practice?

Through the use of dental marketing we can help your practice attract more traffic to your website, convert more visitors to patients and create tailored dental marketing strategies to ensure that current patients are notified and reminded you still exist. We help turn you website into your appointment generation machine through smart SEO and content strategies.

What is Content Marketing?

As part of our dental marketing strategies content marketing is a must for dental clinics looking to establish industry leadership. Through the use of content marketing it allows us to ensure that your website is ranking highly on Google and builds up a knowledge base for potential clients who may be doing some research on your service. Our dental marketing strategies are heavily tailored towards creating relevant content in line with your buyer persona that will help your dental clinic engage with their patients on much higher marketing level. Our tailored dental marketing strategies create content that help you get found by your ideal audience

How long does it take to see result from my Dental Marketing?

Dental marketing takes time and you will begin to see results after the first 3-6 months. If you wish to speed up your dental marketing results then we recommend investing in social media marketing to help drive targeted traffic to your landing pages for your dental clinic. Our dental marketing isn’t a quick win but works as a long term and sustainable marketing plan. We work to help your clinic generate results organically which is better for your websites ranking and functionality as apposed to paid advertising.

Why Choose us for your Dental Marketing?

We have a deep understanding of the dental market here in Ireland and our team has extensive dental marketing experience in working with many clinics in the past to help them get the best results from their online marketing. We pride ourselves on being Ireland’s leading medical and healthcare marketing agency and love working with our clients to help them achieve the best results online. Through our dental marketing strategies we can help you reach your marketing goals and increase your sales.