Doctor Marketing

Marketing plays a massive role in a doctors success. Being able to successfully distinguish yourself from the countless other medical professionals in the industry has become tougher than ever. More patients are taking to the online world in search of doctors who possess knowledge on specific medical areas. Establishing thought leadership within your field isn’t as easy as posting on social media a few times a week. Doctors need to be active on all marketing front. Including blogging, email marketing, social media engagement, website ranking and much more.


How much is a patient worth?

Studies have shown that average worth of a patient to a doctor is in between €3000 - €5000. That’s a lot of money some doctors could be missing out on due to not marketing themselves correctly.


Attract New Patients

We help doctors across Ireland & the UK to attract new patients to their practices and clinics. We do this through a bespoke online marketing strategy as well as implementing patient/doctor referral schemes to drive more traffic. We leverage all forms of marketing to ensure your practice can grow successfully and efficiently.


Put your Practice on the MAp

We help develop your practice to ensure that you are top of mind when a patient is looking for a doctor. We do this by establish thought leadership within your local area. We do this through smart content marketing and by establishing a trusted relationship with potential patients.