Hospital/Clinic Marketing

The daily runnings of a clinic or hospital can be difficult enough as it is and healthcare marketing can be tricky to tackle too. Here at MOFA Digtial we take away the stress of marketing from busy hospitals and clinics and take care of their marketing for them. We work with clinics and hospitals of all shapes and sizes in order to help them reach their marketing goals. We take the time to get the know our clients to ensure we can create a tailored marketing strategy that is inline with their growth goals.


Improving patient experience

Marketing isn’t just about driving revenue for the business but creating an overall positive experience for patients and all involved. By improving the overall experience of patient, hospitals can then rely on them to become their best marketing through word of mouth.


Attract Desired Cases

We help clinics attract cases that they want to work with. A large majority of clinics will specialise in a particular field and we want to help you to attract patients who are looking for help in that specific field. We do this through a number of different inbound marketing techniques to ensure you’re to go to professionals in your field.


Increase patients

We help hospitals to generate more patients through inbound marketing and patient referrals through tailored marketing strategies. No two hospitals are the same and each attract different types of patients which is why we take a bespoke approach to each of our clients.