3 Ways to Turn your Website into a Lead Generation Engine

Lets start by thinking of your website has an engine and your business as a car. When they work together they can get you from A to B - the same methodology applies to your business.

In order for an engine to function it needs fuel so it can produce power to drive a car in a forward direction. Now apply this to your website. Lets break our lead generation engine down into 3 simple components.

1. Fuel - Content

In order for your website to work, it’s needs to be filled with good quality content that going to relevant and informative to your ideal buyer. Imagine you owned your dream car and spend thousands on it. You would want to use the best fuel to power it and ensure you’re getting the best mpg. The same can be said for your content. The higher quality content you have the more traffic you will drive and the more leads you will capture as a result. Keep topping up your website up regularly with amazing content and don’t let the tank run empty or you will notice a drop in your content.

 2. Power - Leads

Now that you go fuel in you engine it’s time to start generating some power. I’m not combustion engine professional but even I can tell you that that there are a number of processes that take place in order to actually produce power from fuel.

We have traffic coming to our website through our engaging and amazing content. Great! Now lets capture contact details from these visitors on our website. Creating ebook or white paper offers are a great way of capturing these details. Setting up content offers allows you to capture lead information in exchange for contact details such as email address or phone number.

Once you have captured this information we now have lead. These leads can be put into workflows and nurtured until they are ready to close.

3. Drive - Sales

We’re nearly there to getting on our way. We can start to begin to drive the business forward and grow. Our lead generation engine has generated us leads, not it’s up to us to close those leads. They’re not going to close themselves. Of course, depending on your industry sales processes and purchasing times can vary.

The beauty of this is that already you have built up a credible relationship with your leads. You’ve established trust, professionalism and thought leadership which will all play a crucial role in the closing stages. All these previous efforts will now factor in to driving your business forward and helping you close more sales.