Software Marketing - You’re Doing it Wrong

As a Dublin based Inbound Marketing Agency we pride ourselves on being experts in software marketing for B2B businesses. We understand that lead generation and inbound marketing can be difficult for most businesses especially in the B2B software industry. We see so many business that have amazing software that can really help others but are not reaching their full potential as their marketing is letting them down.

We’ve come up with some simple tips on how to best improve your software marketing and what actions you should be doing to ensure the best results for lead generation.


Most software companies are unique and come with their own set of features and functionalities. Don’t for one second assume that everyone visiting your website knows about your software or about how it works. In fact assume the complete opposite. Treat every visitor that visits your website as someone who has never heard of your business and doesn’t know what you do.

For this reason we recommend that you make your website as simple as possible and educate your audience on what exactly you do, what you provide and how you can help solve a particular problem that they are facing. Creating blog posts and ebooks as well as product landing pages are a great way to do this. Not only do they provide simple and clear navigation around your website but also provide insightful and valuable information to potential visitors.

Free Content

As a software company your main goal from your website is to capture leads (or at least it should be). In order to capture leads you need to create the right type of lead magnets to capture those leads. Offering free Ebooks, audits, whitepapers and checklists in exchange for email addresses.

By offering free content like this that will provide value and insightful information visitors will have no problem giving up their email address if it will assist them further in their research. Once an email address is captured that visitor will then become a lead in your database for your sales team to work or to be nurtured by marketing.

Social Media

Social media is an extremely effective platform for software marketing and we see so many software companies neglect it. As a B2B business social media is a fantastic way of connecting and engaging with prospects and establishing thought leadership within your industry. Ensure that you’re regularly posting on social media as this will help attract more visitors to your website and more visitors equal more leads.

When posting on social media your content always doesn’t have to be brand new. Posting old content is also a great way to free up time and regain some more traction on previous blog posts or eBooks.

Marketing Automation

Let’s be honest here, marketing is tough work. It takes time, it takes effort and it takes grit to get the job done right. Having the right tools in place to ensure you’re getting the best results are half the battle. B2B businesses rely on manual email marketing and task management all of which is extremely time consuming and also really hard to track and measure.

Implementing a form of marketing automation can increase marketing efforts by 67% and push productivity and results upwards. It helps build out a proper marketing funnel for both sales and marketing to work. Read more about how marketing automation can help your software marketing here.